Refund & Cancellation

To obtain a refund of the order made, you must send the order to Blueshell within 10 days of delivery (it will be the tracking code that the buyer will communicate via e-mail, or other). As required by law and conditions, we only accept products that come back in the new and packed purchase conditions. We will not accept products that will be returned without notice to Blueshell and subsequent authorization for return.
If the customer intends to return all or part of your order, you will first need to contact us via e-mail at and obtain a refund form which must be included in the package and in the logistics center in Shenzhen (China) where it is necessary to send the package.

Order cancellation
The customer can cancel the order before it is shipped and / or Blueshell has entered the processing status of the "PREPARATION IN PROGRESS" order and in any case within 24 hours from the successful completion of the order, you will be reimbursed the full amount without any applicable fees.

NB: If we have already sent or put in work (it means that we have already entrusted it to the courier and the status of the order has changed to "SHIPPED") it is not possible in any way to cancel the order.
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